Tudor & Catalina


We just had a blast at their wedding! He’s a superstar rocker and she’s his sweetheart manager. Together with their daughter, Anastasia, rocked the dance floor and covered everybody with their huge love!

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  1. Turcu Tudor 23:28

    My dearest friends! Beautiful Humans and Big Artists you made everything became real with your perfect art photography shooting! We love you more and we thank forever for your sincere words abot us. God bless you and stay togheter in this emotional project and of course your peefect marriage and love! Cheers and hugs from Turcu family ( Tudor+ Catalina and baby Anastasia) 😍😍😍

    Ps (chiar daca mai gafez in engleza , e din cauza emotiei si bucuriei iar cei care citesc se vor bucura oricum pentru ca sunt sincer!)

    • ginas 11:37

      Thank YOU even more for your trust, for the crazy beautiful way you both are and for the fun we had at your wedding! It wasn’t very hard to take great pictures, since everybody was happy and in love!

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